Elegant boots made of 5mm thick high-quality 100% fleece. Valenky™ differ from regular valenki boots because of the elegant design and non-skid sole. Valenky™ are soft and very comfortable decorated with crystals or tailored ornaments. Valenky™ boots do not keep any trail of street-salt in contrast of other boots.

Heels are strengthened with special elements that protect boots from defromation also when driving behing the wheel.

Wearing instructions
Recommended to wear in cool and cold weather. You can also walk in wet weather as with standard leather boots. If you happen to step into a puddle the Valenky™ will dry up and will keep its form. A water resistant spray is very effective to keep feet dry at all times. Important - not to dry on radiators. Use care aids provided for textile. Prohibited to wear boots again if they have not completely dried up. Otherwise fleece might become less deformation resistant.

Russian Empress
Valenki is quality proven by time. Even Russian Empress Jekaterina II wore valenki under her luxurious dresses and gowns in colder weather.

Animal Friendly
Valenky™ - this is 100% animal friendly product, not a single sheep has been killed.