(Distance Contract)
This Contract of Sale (hereinafter, the “Contract of Sale”) govern the contractual relationships between the seller of product and its end clients (hereinafter, the “Buyer”). The provisions of Latvian Legislative Acts regarding E-commerce shall apply to the relationships between the Seller and the Buyer.
 1.     Definitions
Pursuant to and in accordance with this Contract of Sale, the following definitions shall apply:
1. “Buyer”, individual – who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial,    
  commercial, handcrafted or professional activity carried out;
2.  “Catalogue”, e- catalogue available at

2.     Limited Availability
2.1. The products we offer to our Buyers – listed in the Catalogue (hereinafter, the “Products”) – are designed by our designers, produced with traditional methods by highly qualified staff using the highest quality materials, and marketed with the trademark “Valenky”.
2.2. There may be limitations to the availability of Products. The Seller therefore reserves the right to limit the quantity of Products available, to accept only part of an order or to split a single order into multiple deliveries.
3.     Purchasing
3.1. Distance Contracts and Contracts negotiated off business premises (hereinafter, collectively, the Contracts”) for the sale of the Products by the Seller to the Buyers are governed by this Contract in force at the time of completion of the purchase order of the Products, and form an integral and substantial part of such order.
3.2. Depending on the availability of the Products, the related purchase order (hereinafter, the “Order”) may be sent to the Seller through the appropriate section on the official website, using the details provided on the website.

 4.     Price
The Seller publishes the price of the Products in the internet catalogue at Such price applies to deliveries to be made in the territory chosen by the Buyer and includes VAT. Delivery rates are published in the website. Any other costs (e.g. customs charges, tax) shall be paid by the Buyer.
5.     Payment and Delivery
5.1. Payment for the Products may be made exclusively by credit card. Products are sent to the Buyer as soon as full purchase price and shipping cost is deposited in the bank account of the Seller.
5.2. The delivery term for the Products is approximately between 1 and 4 weeks (depending on the schedules applied from time to time by the carriers appointed by the Seller, including any customs clearance) from the day after the day the Buyer received the Order Receipt from the Seller.
6.     Product
6.1. The characteristics of the Products can be found in the associated descriptions on the website.
6.2. Although it is our responsibility and our concern to provide an accurate photographic representation of the Products, such representation in some cases might not completely, exactly or accurately represent the Product (e.g. color definition, visual appearance of the materials used, etc.).
6.3. The designs and intellectual property rights associated with the Products (including, but not limited to, the copyright connected with the model design, any associated trademark, and the know-how for the production of the Products) are exclusively owned by the Seller. Any violations of the Seller’s rights (including, but not limited to, any unauthorized reproductions of the models) shall be prosecuted under the law.
7.     Return of Product
7.1. The Buyer has the right to return the Product without incurring any penalty and without specifying a reason, within 14 days starting from the day it received the Product. The Buyer may exercise the withdrawal right by sending a written communication (i.e. a registered letter with return receipt) to e-mail.
7.2. The only charges due by the Buyer for exercising the withdrawal right shall be for returning the good to the Seller. If the withdrawal right has been exercised by the Buyer in compliance with the provisions of this article, the Seller shall refund the amounts paid by the Buyer. The refund shall be completed within 20 working days from the return of the Product.
7.3. The Seller is entitled not to accept returned Products that have been altered and/or damaged.
8.  Updates to this Contract
This Contract of Sale may be updated and/or amended by the Seller at any time, effective from the date of the related publication. The updated version of the the Contract of Sale will be available on the following page:
9.  Personal Data Protection
Information on the processing of the Buyer’s personal data is available on the following page:
10.  Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any disputes arising in relation to this contract and/or the related relationship between the Seller and the Buyer are subject to the jurisdiction provided for by the Latvian law and Latvian arbitration court.